Content Nodes

A quick guide to the different Content Nodes available within Boundless


Image Nodes allow a Creator to place an image on a Page by uploading an image file or providing an external source, such as a URL, a Dropbox file, or an Instagram Account. Images may be edited before finalizing an upload or by clicking the “Edit” link below the image thumbnail in the right sidebar.

Once an image is uploaded, properties such as width and height can adjusted in the right sidebar. An image may also be replaced by clicking the “Remove” link below the image thumbnail.


Text Nodes are the workhorses of any Boundless Page. Text Nodes can contain static content with customized styles. Text Nodes provide some basic formatting tools including lists, blockquotes, and links.

Text Nodes may also contain dynamic content when inside a dynamic context such as a Record List or Record Page. Dynamic content can be placed into a Text Node by clicking the hash icon in the Text Node title bar.


Video Nodes allow embedding a video from an external source, such as YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo. To change the video source, edit the Link property in the right sidebar while a Video Node is selected.


Link Nodes provide a way to insert a link without requiring a containing Text Node. Link Nodes also allow certain display customizations unavailable to inline links within a Text Node. For instance, a Link Node can be displayed as a button or image while an inline link in a Text Node cannot.


Spacer Nodes are a utility node used to insert empty space between pieces of content.



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