Editing a form

A guide on how to edit the inputs on your form once you've added it to your page

Once your form is created, click on the first input to edit it. The edit functionality is located in the Sidebar on the right hand side of the page.

In the Actions & Data tab, you can change what information your user will fill out in the form by clicking on the Associated Data Field dropdown and selecting an existing field or creating a new one. Creating a new field will launch a New Data Field modal, where you’ll be able to name your new field and select the type of field you’re creating. For example, date, phone number, or plain text field. You have the option to make a field required by clicking the Required box.

You can change a field’s title by clicking on the Appearance tab, then editing the Label text in the right hand column. Give your users an example of what information they should enter on your form by filling out placeholder text. For example, a commonly used placeholder text for a Name label is John Doe. You’ll be able to see the changes once you save your work.

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