Page Node Basics

An introduction to working with Page Nodes in the Boundless Page Builder


In order to put content onto any page you will need to open the Page Node palette located in the upper right corner of your page. Once the palette is opened, clicking and dragging a Page Node onto a page will insert a new node of that type.

When a node is dragged onto the page, a visual indication of where the node will be placed is given by a light orange highlight.


To move a node, select a node and then click and drag that node to anywhere on the page.


To edit a node, select the desired node and adjust the relevant properties in the right sidebar. Text Nodes may be edited in place by selecting the Text Node and clicking once more to enter an in place editing mode.

When editing a Text Node in place, you can commit your changes by clicking the checkmark in the upper right corner of the Text Node or by pressing Shift+Enter on your keyboard.

Undo and Redo

Cmd+z or Ctrl+z will undo changes made while in the Boundless Editor. Shift+Cmd+z or Shift+Ctrl+z will redo changes.


Duplicating a node can be done In Place or by copying it to the Palette by clicking the Duplicate icon in the node title bar. Duplicating a node in place will put the duplicated node below the original node.

Duplicating a node to the palette will make it available to be dragged onto the page just like other nodes. Currently, only one node may be duplicated to the palette at a time.


A node can be removed from the Page by selecting the node and clicking the Trashcan icon in the node Title Bar. A node can also be deleted by pressing the the delete or backspace key on your keyboard.

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