Page Structure

An overview of how Boundless Pages are structured covering the Header, Footer, Body, Sections, and Columns.

All Pages are composed of three top-level containers–a Header, Body, and Footer.

The Page Header and Footer are special sections of a Page that can be changed on any Page, but will persist across all pages.

The Body of a page is composed of Sections, Columns, and Content Nodes. Sections contain Columns, and Columns contain Content Nodes.

Navigating the Structure

A Page’s full structure may be seen and navigated in a tree view by clicking the Page Structure icon the upper left of the Page’s top-bar. You can also see a list of breadcrumbs at the top of the right sidebar when a node is selected.

Sections and Columns are are maintained automatically by the Boundless Editor when Content Nodes are Added, Moved, or Deleted. However, layout nodes can still be selected from the Page Structure view or by clicking a breadcrumb. Once selected, there are a number of useful properties on Layout Nodes such as layout style, spacing, background, and column width.


Because all Content is contained within Columns, it ensures content is contained within a twelve column grid. A visualization of the grid may be toggled by clicking the Grid Overlay button above the page.

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